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in real Harmony with Nature

Marco Düggelin - Executive Director


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La Reine Pédauque is operated by Green Beenz GreenBeenz Logo SAS in Paris.

The Captain's Office in Veuvey-sur-Ouche lies directly aside the Canal and manages everything around your Stay and Holiday with us.

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Green Beenz SAS, Paris

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  • Director: Marco Düggelin
  • SIREN: 812 444 438
  • Immatriculation N°: RCSPARISB812444438



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Who we are

We proudly present our capable team,
our story and motivation

Our crew members serving on 'La Reine Pédauque', were all chosen by the entire crew itself. They have chosen each others. This way we ensure, besides the necessary nautical skills, that each new member fits into our existing crew on personal levels.

We strongly believe in the existence of that thing called 'chemistry', when it comes to interactions between human beings. The hard work on a ship, close to each other ~ day by day, creates more the feelings of being in a close family, than an actual workplace. All our crew members are sharing the same passion for serving at a high standard and the love for boats and ships. We believe that humanity combined with excellent services, becomes the very perfect combination for You, having a relaxed and unforgettable time on our barge.

In times of rush & hectic, we made it to our goal to make your stay
the most comfortable experience you could have during your precious vacation.

Teammember of La Reine Pedauque
Laurence Millot

To my crew: Please be reasonable
and do it my way. The Captain

Teammember of La Reine Pedauque
Kevin Gosnell

If you can't repair it
maybe it shouldn't be on board.

Teammember of La Reine Pedauque
Stefan Peterlini
Emergency Pilot

If you're not getting close to capsize,
you're probably not pushing hard enough.

Teammember of La Reine Pedauque
1st Maat

The best bilge pump of all
is a bucket in the hands of a frightened man.

Teammember of La Reine Pedauque
Our Deck Hand

Bad cooking is responsible
for more trouble at sea than all other things put together!

How it all started

When we saw the Reine some years ago for the first time, we fell in love immediately.

Everyone thought we were crazy to purchase a 250 tonnage museum barge made of steel, with the idea of cruising the French canals. But we saw the potential and also recognized the importance of 'La Reine Pédauque' and its historic significance to France and the entire region of Burgundy.

Now after months of restorations and the support of all our crew members, we are proud to say that 'La Reine Pédauque' has become once again an ultra-luxury private home, away from home.


Signature Marco, Executive Director

Marco Düggelin & the Reine Pédauque Team